More Gorey Images from Eli Roth's Hostel


The boys over at B-D got their grubby hands on some new very gorey images from Eli Roth's next picture "Hostel". This film just keeps getting better and better. Roth hasn't commented on the film to much but here is alittle something he had to say considering the film.

"I wanted to sneak in another down and dirty ultra-violent horror film, one that would be very different from 'Cabin Fever,' both in tone and scale. This film is going to be much, much scarier and more complex. I wanted to make a Takashi Miike-style horror film, like 'Audition.' Screen Gems has already picked it up for distribution and KNB will of course be doing the make up FX."

Sounds like a winner to me. In the style of Audtion with KNB on effects, how can you go wrong? You can check out more of the images over at B-D.

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