The New Corpse Bride Trailer is Online


Tim Burton has once again come back with another impressive stop motion animation film "Corpse Bride". Now as much as these seem like little kid movies. I can't help but notice the dark undertones that truly make this a horror film. I mean the guy marries a corpse!

Luckily for us Yahoo has managed to get their grubby hands on a nice looking full length trailer for his new picture. There are more skeletons and zombies than you can count in this trailer. Its very much like "A Nightmare Before Christmas". So check it out here.

Victor, a young man living in a 19th century European village, is stolen away to the underworld and forced to marry the Corpse Bride. Victor is astounded by the colorful Land of the Dead, but this will not stop him from reuniting with his true love, Victoria, who awaits him in the land of the living.


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