X-Men 3 Movie: New Storm Character?

Shawn Ashmore, who plays Bobby aka Iceman in the X-Men films, talked to MTV about his hopes for the third installment: "There's a bitter rivalry there [between Iceman and Pyro], so I think we need a big battle royal. Some ice walls, some slides, some flames, just an awesome fight sequence!

In other wacky news, 'Beau' pointed us to
Latino Review who posted a Halle Berry/ Storm scoop on their page, which has us scratching our heads and laughing up a storm (pun intended)! Please take this with a HUGE grain of salt:

There's whispers that Halle Berry might be out on her ear for X-MEN 3, but only because she doesn't want to be involved. She ordered that her character, Storm, be given more storyline in the next movie, but apparently the studio has balked at the idea simply because 'that's not where the story's at;. Result? Berry's opting out of the sequel and X-MEN 3 is one Storm short of a go picture. There's suggestion that Christina Milian (Torque) might be on board. She's been keeping in touch with producers apparently. We shall see..

The reason we say to take this with much grain of salty goodness, is because: 1). 20th Century Fox hasn't even begun work on casting ideas for the third installment. 2). There isn't a real script, so character involvement is still up in air. 3). If Milian took over the Storm role, then Storm would drastically decrease in age. She'd be the same age as Rogue and Bobby!

Source: X3Movie.Net

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