More Creepshow 3 Rumblings


I haven't heard anything about Creepshow 3 since the hey day of the Day of the Dead 2: Contagion film. Taurus who who owned the rights to both the titles were planning a sequel to Creepshow around that time as well. So now it appears they may be much farther along than I thought they would ever be.

Movieweb got an interesting scoop about the project from someone who does alot of extra work in LA. They told the site:

"I have started seeing posts within the Extras Casting Guild for a movie titled Creepshow 3. Now as far as I can recollect, none of the posts have actually been listed as Creepshow 3. It's only when I have gone to the posts and clicked into the body of them, that I have seen that that is in fact the production they are posting for. After checking with IMDB and some other "knowledgeable sources", I was a bit disheartened to find that there is no mention of Creepshow 3 being in production on IMDB and my sources knew nothing about it either.

Here's the thing... I didn't just see one post with the title Creepshow 3 in it. I saw around 4 or 5 posts like this. So, either this movie is in production or there was a mistake in the posting."

Not good news if you ask me. The first two films by George Romero and Stephen King were priceless so why even touch these films? Well I've began to realise that Taurus holds nothing sacred so we'll have to wait and see if this project gets off the ground. 


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