New Gorier Land of the Dead Trailer


With "Land of the Dead" reaching nearly $20 million here in the states alone everything is looking much better than it did a few weeks ago. If you haven't seen the movie by now your gonna have to hunt it down because it has dropped out of several theatres already.

Well today it came to my attention that our sister site MoviesOnline had found a new gorier trailer for "Land of the Dead". Actually it looks more like a TV spot but trust me you'll never see this bad boy on your local cable station. Go ahead and check it out for yourself here.

In this new tale, Romero creates a harrowing vision of a modern-day world where the walking dead roam an uninhabited wasteland and the living try to lead normal lives behind the walls of a fortified city.

A new society has been built by a handful of enterprising, ruthless opportunists who live in the tower of a skyscraper, high above the hard-scrabble existence on the streets  below. But outside the city walls, an army of the dead is evolving. Inside, anarchy is on the rise. With the very survival of the city at stake, a group of hardened mercenaries is called into action to protect the living from an army of the dead.

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