Sean Bean talks Silent Hill


"Silent Hill" is currently the most popular movie on so in order to appease the fans Sean Bean has dropped a little plot information to Comingsoon. Here is what he had to say concerning the plot:

"It's about this place called Silent Hill, and our daughter is kind of disturbed about it. She keeps mentioning it, and she's trying to get out of the house and go there, so my wife decides that it might be a good idea to take her there to confront her fears. She gets involved with a very murky and dangerous world, very creepy, which is all in different time levels, as well. I'm in the real world and I'm trying to find them, but we're on different planes, so it's quite interesting, because I can hear her, but I can't see her. The way he shoots it is just constant fog and cobwebs around the Silent Hill world, while the real world is more normal."

I'm not to famialiar with the game so I can't say how much of this is accurate and how much isn't but I can say this sounds like a good movie. Bean also mentioned during the interview that the film feels very European which is good news. I would rather it feel European than anything thats coming out of the states recently. Silent Hill is still being scheduled to be released sometime in 2006.

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