New Asian Horror - The Echo


Even though this new horror film (from the Phillipines) doesn't look like it brings anything new to the Asian Horror genre - after viewing the trailer, I will say that the production quality does look good and has done rather well at recent film festival showings:  Official Selection SCREAMFEST LA 2005, Winner: Best Editing, Best Sound METRO MANILA FILM FESTIVAL 2004, Winner: Best Cinematography & Visual Design YOUNG CRITIC CIRCLE 2004, Winner: Best Supporting Actress - Iza Calzado GAWAD URAIN 2004.

You can check out the trailer and the films official site here.  I will have to keep my eye on this one.  The Echo will have it's North American premiere in October 2005 - at this time, no official dates or theatres are known. 

The Echo Poster

"Marven savors his independence in a newly acquired unit of an old apartment building. He is frequently visited by his girlfriend Pinky. Except for an occasional noise from an apartment unit down the hallway, the place is almost perfect for Marven.

At the end of the hallway is where Anna lives with her young daughter Laura, and Bert, her jealous husband. Bert is a cop and he has always suspected Anna of two-timing him. His frequent jealous outbursts would always lead to beatings that could be heard throughout the whole floor. Marven would usually be awaken at night by the sounds of screaming and beating from Anna's unit. Marvin complains to the building caretaker, a drunk who would just tell him to ignore the distrubance from the apartment down the hall. Anna and her daughter would usually ask for help from Jude, who lives in an apartment unit in the middle of the hallway. Jude's apartment becomes a temporary refuge for the little girl Laura.

One day, Pinky drops by Marvin's apartment and is shocked to see a woman knocking on his door. Pinky suspects Marvin is seeing another girl, which could explain why he has been acting strange lately. Marvin vehemently denies seeing another woman. It is the strange occurrences in his apartment that is making him act strange lately. Meanwhile, the beatings down the hall intensify. Jude is getting scared because the cruel cop Bert is beginning to suspect that Jude is having an affair with Anna, which isn't true. Marvin gets drawn to the couple's frequent quarrels. He even witnesses Bert chasing Anna and beating her up in the corridor. All that violence affects Marvin. At length, he musters the courage to find out more about the quarrelling couple.

What he finds out shocks him. Marvin uncovers a secret that will change his life and Pinky's as well. The discovery sets into motion a series of hauntings that follow him and Pinky around. He decides to leave his apartment but the hauntings follow them wherever they go. Marvin finally decides to confront the problem. He returns to the old apartment building to face the evil that dwells in it. What happens next shakes the very core of his beliefs about life, love and the spirit world."

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