New Indie Horror Comedy: The Midnight Special


"Is someone you know or love a Vampire?  Do you see dead people? Not ghosts. But, you know, real dead people? Does your boyfriend smell bad and constantly crave human brains? Does something keep eating your goats?  Do you hear howling at night followed by the distinct smell of chicken wings and body odor?

Why spend all your time and effort on sharpening your own wooden stakes and smelting your own silver bullets. If you think you have a monster problem, call SHADOW COMPANY and we'll take care of that problem for you. We have an established team of soldiers and investigators fully prepared to take care of your monster extermination needs. If you have monsters then call the monster cops.  Call SHADOW COMPANY."

LMAO.. Yeah, at times I do smell chicken wings and body odor, but that's Meh.  Is he really a Werewolf?  Well, no need to call the Ghostbusters anymore.. I'm calling Shadow Company. 

Every now and then us horror fans need a good horror/comedy to keep things loose, a film not to be taken seriously, but to have fun with and laugh your ass off.. and that is what Patrick Prejusa is trying to do with his upcoming film: The Midnight Special."

They say this film is a cross between Reno 911 and The Blair Witch Project, except a bit more demented than Reno and better shot than the Blair Witch.  All I have to say is after watching the trailer and laughing my ass off - I can't wait to see more.  Here's the synopsis:

"THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL pulls you into the world of SHADOW COMPANY. A secret government agency dedicated to seeking out and destroying monsters. Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, are real and as they lurk the streets the, officers of Shadow Company are here to protect you from them, kinda.

Come see the antics of Cutter, the hardcore agent who's just as good at murdering his love life as he is at murdering monsters. Or perhaps you'd like to see Hoss, the former Marine who specializes in drawing out Werewolves and eating chicken wings. In this movie you'll see young Bryce be, well, young. Nigel the Irish (or is it Scottish?) Agent who harbors a man crush for Bono. See Bateman get bitten on the ass. Watch as Captain Barker tries to get these goofballs into shape. And while your at it check out Cerullo's Designs.

 If you like Vampires, Gun fights, Zombies, and Donuts then The Midnight Special is all for you."  

You can check out the films official site here as well as the trailer here.  (Make sure you watch "Official Trailer B", that's the good one).  I'll have to keep an eye out on this one and as soon as we here more info, we'll be sure to pass it on.

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