The Rue Morgue House of Horror!


Its times like this when I wish I lived in Toronto. Rue Morgue has now opened there very own theatre where they will be playing horror films all the time. So far they only have the July schedule up so check it out.

2926 Dundas St. West
(west of Keele, north side)

Rue Morgue's Toronto office in one of the city's oldest funeral homes is now open with a host of horror movie double-bills every Friday and Saturday! Indulge your dark side with the world's greatest fright flix, $2 popcorn and curious concessions in a truly unique setting…


Friday July 8: Terror From del Toro!
7pm CRONOS (1993) - A haunting debut from Mexico.
9pm THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE (2001) - A ghostly moving picture poem.

Saturday July 9: Werewolf Double Bill
7pm DOG SOLDIERS (2002) - Six soldiers. Full moon. No chance.
9pm BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF (2001) - Werewolves from France!

Friday July 15: Cryptozoo Double Bill
7pm INCIDENT AT LOCH NESS (2004) - Truth or hoax? You decide.
9pm THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES (2002) - Truly scary.

Saturday July 16: Haunted Double Bill
7pm SESSION 9 (2001) - Genuinely unsettling.
9pm THE SHINING (1980) - Kubrick adapts King.

Friday July 22: Asian Creepfest Double Bill
7pm KAIRO (2001) - The scariest film that hasn't yet come out of Japan.
9pm THE EYE (2002) - Scarier than The Ring and The Grudge put together.

Saturday July 23: Black and Blue Double Bill
7pm BLUE VELVET (1986) - Lust and lasciviousness from Lynch!
9pm DONNIE DARKO (2001) - The director's cut!

Friday July 29: The Dark Side of France
7pm IN MY SKIN (2002) - An exploration in self mutilation.
9pm IRREVERSIBLE (2002) - Viewer discretion strongly advised.

Saturday July 30: George C. Scott Creepfest!
7pm THE CHANGELING (1980) - Canada's best ghost story.
9pm THE EXORCIST III (1990) - More frightening than the original.

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