Last House on the Left Remake?


We all know that Wes Craven has been in a slump lately. So is he planning to just keep remaking his older films to remain relevant in the horror genre? It could be. With Alexandre Aja directing the remake of "The Hills Have Eyes" it looks like Craven is ready to produce another remake, this time his classic "Last House on the Left".

According to Dread Central, Wes Craven and Sean Cunningham are searching for a director for the "Last House on the Left" remake. Apparently there is already a script ready from Mark Haslett. His script will stick closely to the source material but the family will seek revenge in a "haunted house". Hopefully they just mean that figuratively.

Now Haslett has worked as part of the development staff on Jason X and Jason vs Freddy. So this will be his first script. I don't know how they plan to do this film and get it past the MPAA. We'll have to see if it turns into another episode from the WB soon.

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