New Indie Zombie Film - Locked Away


Fangoria was tipped about a new independent zombie film titled "Locked Away" - which sounds pretty good.  Here's the synopsis:

"Michael Turner is a soldier returning home to his out-of-the way Midwestern town. Weathered and matured after two years on the Iraqi battlefield, only the pleasure of home cooked meals and relaxing evenings are on his mind.

However, just a few miles away, Michael's younger brother Ty is being led to an old rickety shed. Inside is what his classmate claims to be a "real monster." Doubting him, Ty takes a look for himself. What lies inside? A bad joke? Something tortured? Ty soon learns that the monster may not have been a hoax afterall - and its not long before his fellow townspeople are replaced by the flesh hungry living dead.

Faced with a welcoming party other than what he had in mind, Michael begins rounding up his family and running into ghosts from his past. Can Michael save them while confronting his own personel demons, or will he be forced to choose who lives and who is to die?

It's a game of survival - and it's ment to be played.. but what are the rules."

The film is directed by Jason Morisette and stars Ben Gordon, Travis Boswell, Megan Eager, Andy Dalton, Janet Armbruster, Tom Fuller, Kevin O'Conner.  You can check out the cool teaser trailer, as well as the official site here.

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