Intruder on DVD Contest!


Intruder Movie Photo GalleryIntruder is a classic slasher flick with the likes of Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi. It is also produced by the same producer who brought us Dusk till Dawn and Pulp Fiction. Best of all we got a contest to give you a free copy! It's 10 PM. The night before Walnut Lake's neighborhood supermarket closes its doors forever. The owners and night crew have a long shift ahead of them...longer than they think!

Ace check-out girl, Jennifer has a deranged ex-boyfriend who's fresh out of prison. When he appears outside, weird things start happening. The phone lines are cut, and the night crew starts by one in the most gruesome ways imaginable.

An ex-cop is trying to find out who the killer is and what possessed him to start the bloody rampage. But is it the ex-boyfriend or someone else?  

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