A Shortage of Shallow Ground DVDs?


Have you been having a hard time trying to purchase a copy of Sheldon Wilson's indie horror film "Shallow Ground?"  From what I'm gathering, this film is a hit with consumers because Blockbuster, Wal Mart as well as Best Buy stores (nationwide) have reported being sold out of the film.  

That's pretty amazing - especally for an indie film and what is even more amazing is that Wal Mart is scheduled to re-order copies of this film to restock their shelves with - and I've also heard that this is a first - cause Wal Mart has never "restocked" for an indie flick. 

Once the film hits the shelves at your local Wal Mart, you can expect to pay $13.00 for a copy of the film, which is really a great price.  But hey, why pay when you can quite possibly get Shallow Ground for free - just check out our "Shallow Ground DVD Contest" and enter for a chance to win yourself a copy.

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