Blade is Coming to the Small Screen


Sci Fi Wire caught up with the busiest man I know, David Goyer about the upcoming Blade television series. We all knew this project was coming it was just never inked and ready to air on national television. Here is a little bit of what Goyer had to say.

"We're doing a Blade TV show, I'm co-writing the pilot with [comic writer] Geoff Johns, and it's going to be Spike's first dramatic show, and it's going to air next June."

Goyer said that the network has ordered 13 episodes of the new series, which will center on the vampire-killing hero of the Blade films, which Goyer also wrote (he directed that last one, Blade: Trinity). "It'll be Blade, but it's different than the movies, that's all I can say

He also added that Wesley Snipes will not be playing Blade like he did in the movie. They will be going for a frsh face. Eventhough I really like Wesley Snipes at this point I think thats a good move. Snipes has been stirring up the pot with his lawsuit and "alleged" bankruptcy. So until next June we'll have to keep those Blade movies in steady rotation. 

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