Rue Morgue Issue #48 Sneak Peek!


Another great looking issue is coming our way courtesy of Rue Morgue. I have been singing their praises since I first picked up the halloween issue last year and this mag keeps getting better and better. This issue is no different. They plan on going head to head with one of my favorite Japanese directors Takashi Miike. Here is some of the other articles that are being featured in Issue 48.

Prelude to Pain
Audition, the movie that burned powerhouse director Takashi Miike into the North American nervous system finally gets the recognition it deserves; an interview with Japan’s legendary director. Plus: Miike’s Meanest Moments, Eli Roth on directing Miike, and more.
by Tom Mes, Jovanka Vuckovic, Eli Roth, Dave Alexander, Owen Livermore and Sean Plummer

Summer of Sasquatch
Rue Morgue takes a look back at Bigfoot’s spotty legacy on the eve of its return to popularity. Plus: A Sasquatch primer on upcoming, new and cult Bigfoot films!
by Anthony Perticaro, Dave Alexander, Paul Corupe and Caelum Vatnsdal.

Dark Revelations
Director Brooke Burgess discusses his struggle to make Broken Saints, the most successful Flash-animated series to ever grace the weird wide web. Plus: A Flash freakshow guide to the best genre-themed animations on-line.
by Jovanka Vuckovic and Dave Alexander

Death Strokes
Step inside the grim gallery of Jack Kevorkian. RM examines the surreal horror canvases of Dr. Death.
by Paul Carlucci

Note from Underground
Mysterious Monsters.

Rue Morgue opens doors to House of Horror, Lions Gate throws weight behind indie zombie film Fido, McKee and Bettis wrap May companion piece.

Features: Graveyard Alive, two new War of the Worlds films compared, Troma’s Make Your Own Damn Movie!, The film of David Lynch, Tales from the Crypt Season 1.
Reviews: Land of the Dead, Batman Begins, H, They Came Back, Skinned Deep, Chupacabra Terror, Shadow of the Wraith, The Zodiac Killer, Dead Life, Zombiez, Hood of the Living Dead, Touch of Death, Living Doll, A Bell from Hell, Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte.

Schizoid Cinephile
Hexacord Music.

Blood in Four Colours
Dark Horse’s The War of the Worlds Online Adaptation, Steve Niles and Ted McKeever’s Little Books of Horror: The War of the Worlds, Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard’s The Walking Dead Vol. 3: Safety Behind Bars TPB, Romero, Chris Ryall and Gabriel Rodriguez’s Land of the Dead #1, Peter David’s Spike: Old Times, Justin Gray and Zue’s Vengeance of the Mummy #1.

The Ninth Circle
Spotlight: Thomas Ligotti
Reviews: Spectral America: Phantoms and the National Imagination by Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock, ed., Beasts in the Cellar: The Exploitation Career of Tony Tenser by John Hamilton, The Overnight by Ramsey Campbell, The Bradbury Chronicles: The Life of Ray Bradbury by Sam Weller, Bradbury Speaks: Too Soon from the Cave, Too Far from the Stars by Ray Bradbury.

Travelogue of Terror
The Tower of London, UK

The Gore-met
Menu: The Gialli of Sergio Martino!

Audio Drome
Spotlight: Apocalyptica
Reviews: House of Wax, Robert Short, Misfits meet The Nutley Brass, Asmodeus, The Rocketz, Balzac, Michale Graves, The Horror of it All, Pungent Stench, Lamb of God.

Play Dead
Cold Fear (Ubisoft), Haunting Ground (Capcom), Antagonists (White Wolf)

Classic Cut
Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare.

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