Original Dawn of the Dead Alternate Ending Photos

During the filming of the orginal Dawn of the Dead they were going to use an alternate ending. Instead of Peter fighting back and jumping on the copter George orginally had somehting else in mind. The alternate ending was going to show Peter shoot himself in the head and Fran put her head in the helicopter blades.

This was brought up by Whisper on the forum. I had remembered a while back that Tom Savini had posted a couple of these pics online. They shot some practise footage and took some still photos of it. Savini found four pictures from that day. Three of them black and white pictures and one of them being in color, below is the color image. Check out the Dawn of the Dead (1977) photo album for the other 3 images.

If you would like to comment on the ending or the photos check out this forum thread.

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