DVD News: King Kong '76 and War of the Worlds '53


DVD Answers has learned that Paramount Home Entertainment will be releasing this November 2005 a news special collectors edition of the 1953 classic "War of the Worlds" as well as a widescreen edition of the 1976, Jeff Bridges, Jessica Lange film  - "King Kong."

War of the Worlds (1953) - This single-disc special edition will be available to own on November 1, 2005.  Extra material will include: Audio Commentary with stars Gene Barry and Ann Robinson, a second commentary with film historian Bob Burns and Bill Warren, Two featurettes entitled "The Sky is Falling: The Making of War of the Worlds" and "H.G. Wells: The Father of Science Fiction", the complete Mercury Theater on the Air radio broadcast as well as the original trailer. 

King Kong (1976) - This widescreen edition DVD will be available to own on November 22, 2005.  At this time Paramount has not released any information on what the extras may be.  As soon as they are known, we'll update this article.  Till then, here a look at the DVD artwork.

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