Thriller the Cut Edition?


Yes you read that right in order to get Thriller into more retailers they have significantly cut the movie. They will be cutting out all of the sex scenes in the film. Which to some people I hear they think it doesn't belong in the film in the first place but I beg to differ!

Also for this release they will be editing the eyeball scene. They are also going to fade to black on the eyeball sequence as well. So basically they are cutting all the best scenes from the movie so they can sell it to the mainstream. The film will be 3 minutes shorter and it will be a pretty much bare bones release with only a trailer and 2 soundtracks.

Another aspect that I found humorous about this release is the change of the tagline from "A Cruel Picture" to "They Call Her One Eye". So expect to see Thriller in your local Wal-Mart and Best Buy with a sticker that says "The Film that Influenced Quentin Tarantinos Kill Bill" on August 30th.

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