Tucker goes from Chainsaw to Dead


Most of you probably remember Jonathan Tucker as the dorky guy with the afro in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake. Well now, according to Variety, he will be making his way back to the horror genre in Tobe Hoopers installment in the Masters of Horror, Dance of the Dead.

The short will be based on Richard Matheson's screenplay which depicts a post-apocalyptic dystopia wherein reanimated corpses of former friends and enemies dance on stage for the entertainment of the few who survived a nuclear holocaust. Too naive and wholesome for her own good, Peggy embarks on her first double-date with a slick upperclassman. Her nervous fits of laughter quickly turn to panicked screams as she learns the truth of the dangerous world outside her mother's protective cloister, and the sacrifices that were made in order to guarantee her survival.

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