The Echo: To Premiere at the Screamfest L.A. International Film Festival!


I just received an email from Chuck Gutierrez (the webmaster) for the upcoming horror film "The Echo" and he had some cool news that he wanted me to share with the readers.

It seems that the film will be making it's North American premiere at the Screamfest L.A. International Film Festival in October 2005.  This is the festival where other great Asian horror films made their debut in the States like "The Grudge" (Japan) and "A Tale of Two Sisters" (Korea).

Indeed, this is very good news and I'm glad to see this film is "breaking onto American shores."  Hopefully "The Echo" can live up to the likes of Ju-on (The Grudge) and A Tale of Two Sisters (both are some of the deadman's fav films) - so nothing but luck and best wishes to "The Echo" crew.

For more info about the film (as well as the trailer), you can check out the films official site here.

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