New Hell Raiser Movies: Hell Raiser Deader & Hell World

I wanted to share this little tidbit with you all that perked my interest on two new Hell Raiser Movies.

Their are two new Hellraiser movies. Hellraiser Deader & Hellraiser Hellworld - That will make 8 movies - I didn't like pt.6 that much but thought 5 (and all the rest, really) was really cool. Deader sounds cool - revolving around some sort of doomsday cult with the box - Hellworld sounds like a Ring/Fear.Com inspired story about some kind of cenobite website.

I love Pinhead so hopefully they'll be good.

Kari Wuhrer is in Deader. Both were directed by Rick Bota (whos done the previous two) and were filmed back to back. I think Deader is set in Bucharest.

Pinhead is in both of course and I'm pretty sure that I've read Butterball and maybe some of the other original cenobites make an appearance. Deader comes out in August.

Source: Dark Stream.

I had this chat with Dark Stream and really appreciate the information, its pretty cool news. If you have your own news be sure to post it.

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