The Dark Hours: New Film & Trailer Now Online


Winner of the "Audience Award" for best film at the recent Dead By Dawn film festival - "The Dark Hours" is a film that will take you on a dark terror filled journey, and just when you think the rides over - it begins to laugh in your face, telling you the rides only just begun. 

Now that I have your attention, Twitch Films has gotten the exclusive trailer of the film, which you can check out by going here and I have to say that this film is easily going to make it on many of our readers "must see list." 

It's already on mine.

Synopsis:  In this taut psychological thriller, psychiatrist Samantha Goodman decides to spend a quiet weekend at her winter cottage with husband David and younger sister Melody. But a surprise visit from a former patient changes everything.

Harlan Pyne is a violent sexual offender seeking twisted revenge for the treatment he received. A secluded cottage, nasty secrets, a sex offender on the loose: all the right ingredients to stick in the screws and ratchet up the tension.

With no escape possible, Harlan and his accomplice Adrian force their victims to play a series of devious games, mirroring the psychological tests Samantha subjected him to in the asylum.

Unexpected secrets are forced into the light, as Samantha struggles to turn the tables on her tormentors.

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