Sin-Jin Smyth Snags an Army of Darkness Alumni


Movies Online has reported that according to Tom Harriss, CHRISTOPHER DOYLE, the Coffin Baby Killer in Tobe Hooper’s THE TOOL BOX MURDERS (Who also served as stunt coordinator on ARMY OF DARKNESS, DARKMAN) is ramping up to join the rebel alliance behind SIN-JIN SMYTH.

Doyle, described by Director Ethan Dettenmaier as ‘bullet proof!’ is well respected within the industry for his ‘bravery under fire and his ability to do next-to-impossible stunt work!’ As with most news surrounding the production, very few details were released except the fact that Doyle will be "HIT, LIT UP WITH A FLARE GUN, SHOT UP, and LYNCHED IN A TREE!" 

Talk about a nice day on the job!

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