Clive Barkers The Plague is Coming


The first film to come out of Clive Barkers Midnight Picture Show will be "The Plague". The cast will include James Van Der Beek, Ivana Millicevic, Brad Hunt, and even genre verteran Dee Wallace Stone. I'm not sure If I will be able to help but think that Van Der Beek wandered onto the wrong set but I'm still looking forward to Barkers work coming to life.

The producer spoke with Fangoria about the plot behind the movie, All the children of the world under 8 years old fall into a coma. The Plague is essentially the story of the extinction of mankind. After 10 years, the children wake up and want to kill the world. The 10 years they were asleep served as an incubation period, where the children develop their powers. When they awake, the bloodshed begins. Basically, in this story, God cleans house.?

Hal Masonberg will direct off of a script he worked on with Teal Minton. Shooting is scheduled to begin on August 22nd in Winnepeg, Canada. Next up for Midnight Picture Show will be "The Midnight Meat Train".

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