New Zombie Film: Boy Eats Girl


What a great title for a film.. and no, it's not one for a porn film, but for a new zombie film by Stephen Bradley.  Straight up for Ireland, "Boy Eats Girl" has the look (pic wise) of a kick ass zombie film.. now all I need is a trailer.  "SHOW ME THE TRAILER!"

Scheduled to be released in Ireland on September 23, 2005.. it may take a while for this film to reach the US shores - but we never know.  Hopefully someone will pick this film up quick and get it into our hands ASAP. 

BTW.. have I told you what a great title "Boy Eats Girl" is?  "CHOMP!"

Synopsis:  In 'Boy Eats Girl' the horror of school takes on a whole new meaning. Forget about the threat of the classroom bully, the anxiety of the rugby field or even the dread of being spurned by the girl you fancy; when your schoolmates develop a taste for human flesh it pays to know who your friends are, and what they've been eating.


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