Additions to the Horror Movie Tomb: August 29, 2005

"The Last Ten" as you know it, will be no more.  The staff at continue to keep adding films to the Horror Movie Tomb at such a rabid pace that even the title "The Last Ten" is even obsolete.
So, for our readers to have an easier time in tracking the new films that we've added, you  can now click on the "Movie Tomb" link that is on the main page, as well as keep an eye out for the "Additions to the Horror Movie Tomb" articles.
This installment will give you that LAST 50 films that have been added to our database.. and looking through this list.. here are some of the one's that interest the deadman.
Godzilla: Final Wars
Koma 2
Savage Spirits
Happy End
Boy Eats Girl
Camp Daze
On a side note.. do you have a film that you would like to see added to our database?  Our we missing any?  Meh has a tendency to scribble all over our "To Be Added List", so if you have a film, send it in to the Cryptkeeper.
Horror Movie Tomb (The Last 50 Films)

Godzilla: Final Wars
Koma 2
Savage Spirits
See No Evil
October Moon
Santa's Slay
Creepshow 3
The Thing Below
Howling 2: Your Sister Is a Werewolf
Snakes on a Plane
Theatre of Death
Tomb Of Torture
The Last Supper
Happy End
Evil Aliens
Boy Eats Girl
Atomik Circus
Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Poultrygeist: Attack of the Chicken Zombies!
Unborn But Forgotten
Spider Forest
Camp Daze
The Redsin Tower
Satanic Yuppies
The Rockville Slayer
Feeding the Masses
Love Bites
Cannibal Holocaust
Creaturealm: Demons Wake
Dark Carnival
Nightmare in Wax
The Dark Hours
Terror Toons 2: The Sick and Silly Show
Ancient Evil - Scream of the Mummy
Rotten Shaolin Zombies
Man with the Screaming Brain
Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen
The Off Season
Final Stab
Crazy Eights
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