Horror Movers & Shakers: August 30, 2005


Hey kids, don't be scared.  Maven is back again with the Movers and Shakers.  This little number will keep you up-to-date on the rapidly rising and fast falling flicks in our database. 

Just to get you back in the know, here are this week's top ten features.  The first four have managed to maintain their status and they are as follows:

1.  The Devil's Rejects
Silent Hill
3.  Land of the Dead
4.  Automaton Transfusion

But we have had some movement in the final six:

5.  Shallow Ground (up one from last time)
The Ring 2 (slips one but still hangs in)
Frankenstein vs the Creature from Blood Lagoon
8.  Undead
9.  The Exorcism of Emily Rose (climbs 5 to claw its way up)
High Tension (falls one spot)

Apart from all of this excitement, we have several films that have made leaps and bounds since my last report.  Here are some of the more impressive ones:

Boy Eats Girl sits at number 82.  They may not sound so great until you notice that last week it was at number 2141.  Damn, kids, that is 2059 points.  Someone is looking forward to this one.  *Note from Deadmanwalkin.. "That would be me!

Read below to see what the fuss is all about:

"In 'Boy Eats Girl' the horror of school takes on a whole new meaning. Forget about the threat of the classroom bully, the anxiety of the rugby field or even the dread of being spurned by the girl you fancy; when your schoolmates develop a taste for human flesh it pays to know who your friends are, and what they've been eating."

Another notable upcoming feature that is crawling its way up is the much anticipated (by me) Tim Burton film
Corpse Bride.  It has moved up 23 points to capture number 52 and is still on the rise.  Fans of both Burton and Depp should be excited about this one.

Check it out:

"Victor a young man living in a 19th century European village, is stolen away to the underworld and forced to marry the Corpse Bride.

Victor is astounded by the colorful Land of the Dead, but this will not stop him from reuniting with his true love, Victoria, who awaits him in the land of the living."

Hey, I actually don't have any drastic falls to report.  But that's good right?  Does that mean you guys are happy with the list as is for the most part?  Or do you have a favorite that you are waiting to see rise to the top. 

Just so you know I don't make this stuff up off the top of my pretty little head, you should take a glimpse at our Top Horror Flicks section.  But things move around here a lot so make you sure you check back often. 

I would hate to see you miss out on the good stuff.

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