Deadman's Toys - Game Over with RE4's Verdugo


Alright RE4 freaks and fans of Horror Toys, NECA has given us the first "full" look of the "Verdugo" action figure, that will be part of their RE4 Series 1 line-up.

Also, here are the specs that NECA has released on this bad ass figure:

  • Over 9" Tall
  • Bendable Tail over 10" long
  • Ball Jointed Shoulders, Torso, Thumbs and Knees
  • Swivel Biceps, Wrists, Ankles
  • Bendable Elbows
  • V-Crotch

Be sure to check out the other figures in the line-up: Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong and Chainsaw Ganado.

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