Bernard Rose talks Candyman 4


Bernard Rose was recently spotted at the Edinburgh International Film Festival showing his most recent work "Snuff Movie". Fangoria caught up with him and asked him about his upcoming projects.

Right off the bat he said that he may not even direct the news that came out from Variety about "Amusement". He hasn't signed anything and he commented that if every movie that Variety reported on was made we would be swamped with films. Than he went on to talk about Candyman.

"I was originally going to direct CANDYMAN 2,” says Rose. “I wrote a sequel, but it was a cannibal movie [reportedly based on Clive Barker’s story “The Midnight Meat Train”] and they were all horrified by it. I sent it to Clive and he said, ‘Pardon me for asking, but where is the Candyman in all of this?’ However, I love that script and I’d really like to make it soon. It’s a brilliant story and it ends with the [British] Queen feasting on the body of prostitutes and throwing their entrails into the fire, while her corgis look on. I think that the cannibal genre needs a comeback.”

Currently Rose is looking for his film "Snuff Movie" to get distribution. The story follows a director who films murders that may be real. According to Rose it will take a few cuts from the MPAA but he plans on releasing it uncut on DVD. First he wants to try and get it in theatres though. He thinks he shouldn't have much problem getting it in UK theatres. He also added "For all the fans tired of PG-13 horror, this is the one you have to get out there and support.”  

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