Early Review For Venom by Chad Langen


Today we got the first look at the Venom poster and now we are getting the first review for the film. What else could ask for? Now the poster as you can see below is definetly rockin but according to Chad, our most recent member of the review crew, the movie was not.

Venom Movie Review
4 out of 10 Skulls
Chad Langen

Wow, I can't believe the early screeners I've been able to attend this year.  First "Wolf Creek", then "Cry Wolf", and now the seemingly dreaded "Venom" (aka "Backwater", "The Reaper").

You would have thought after the hell Dimension Film's "Cursed" went through that the studio would have learned their lesson.  Well judging by "Venom, apparently not.  "Venom" is yet another teen-slasher flick along the lines of "Scream" where a group of outwardly stupid youths get mixed up in situations where they unexpectedly die in.  Much to my surprise, however, "Venom" isn't total crap. 

 In fact, "Venom" has a few death scenes that in my opinion are gruesomly entertaining.  Though the story is several notches below original, it still manages to sustain a creepy existence that the audience can somewhat enjoy.

Continue on with the full review for the film here.

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