Three of the Fantastic Four are Casted

Some roles have finally been casted. I have been waiting for this news for awhile now. Avi Arad said he would announce this last week but apparently something came up. Anyway on to the casting, Michael Chiklis (The Shield) is The Thing, Ioan Gruffudd (King Arthur) will be Mr. Fantastic, and Chris Evans (Cellular) is Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch. Right now there are three actresses up for the role of Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman. Jessica Alba, Rachel MacAdams and Kerri Russel.

"We see 'Fantastic Four' as the last great jewel in the comicbook crown," said Fox production president Hutch Parker. "The casting has been extremely important in terms of fulfilling expectations of an audience that's been incredibly loyal to these characters for over 40 years."

Based on the Marvel comics, the "Fantastic Four" consists of Reed Richards, Sue Richards, Benjamin Grimm and Johnny Storm. They rocketed into space in an experimental starship, the first humans to attempt interstellar travel. But a freak encounter with cosmic rays changed their lives forever, granting each unique powers. Now, they continue to challenge the unknown as the greatest team of superhuman adventures ever assembled.

Source: Variety

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