International Trailer for Night Watch is Here


Fox Searchlights "Night Watch" is still awaiting a U.S. release date but for the folks over in the UK they will be able to catch the film on October 7th. So when they go to the theatres this is the trailer they are gonna be feasting their eyes on for awhile.

Set in contemporary Moscow, Night Watch revolves around the conflict and balance maintained by the forces of light and darkness - the result of a medivil truce between the opposing sides.

As night falls the dark forces battle the super-human "Others" of the Night Watch, whose mission is to patrol and protect. But there is constant fear that an ancient prophecy will come true, that a powerful "Other" will rise up, be tempted by one of the sides and tip the balance plunging the world into a renewed war betweent the dark and the light, the result which would be catastrophic.

Allow the trailer some time to load.

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