Christian Slater starring in Hollow Man 2


Our colleagues from Fangoria report that Christian Slater will star in "Hallow Man 2". Slater will stars as a volunteer soldier/assassin who goes mad after he turns invisible. But in the sequel to Paul Verhoeven's SciFi Thriller there will be two Hollow Men. One is good , a cop trying to protect the story’s heroine, and the evil.

According to their inside source the fight scenes will be very spectacular. The invisibility experiments again affect the subjects both mentally and physically, though now, the characters become mutated once they reappear and the invisible will look almost zombiefied, gruesome and disfigured because their cells are mutating.

Its not sure that "Hollow Man 2" will come to cinemas for it also could go straight to DVD. The decision will be made by Sony after the film wraps.

I really like the first movie and i hope this one will be another good SciFi Thriller. Especially i hope it for Christian Slater, because after "Alone in the Dark" he really needs a movie that rocks. He is a good actor who sometimes stars in the wrong movies and maybe "Hollow Man 2" will bring him back on track.

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