Sabbath Official Trailer Now Online


William Victor Schotten's "Sabbath" has just unleashed its Official Trailer online. I first became a fan of Schottens after watching "Dead Life". That film just oozed with great camera work and some amazing effects done on a tight budget and it was all shot on 8mm.

His newest entry "Sabbath" goes something like this, Mack (a conflicted criminal) and Geller (a female postal worker) Bump into each other on a special day. The last day for humanity. Michael (the arch angle) sends DEATH to protect Geller who has been pre determined to be the last soul to enter heaven. As people are dying they rise back up as blood crazy zombies and attempt to kill anyone living because there tormented souls are trapped in limbo.

If that didn't make things bad enough hell has begun to spill demons onto the earth and the biggest trouble maker being Lame. Lame tends to like to whisper into the ears of the living and to influence. Geller Mack and a hand full of sinners including Preacher (David Crawford of Dawn Of The Dead) and thieving twins fight among themselves to answer questions, kill zombies and out wit the shadow demons.

The trailer can be downloaded here. Make sure you stay tuned for more from Schotten, I have a feeling this guy is going places.

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