New Horror on DVD!


There is lots of great new dvds coming out for all you horror fanatics and here is a smattering of what you should be checking out.

Dead and Breakfast Movie DetailsDead and Breakfast: A group of friends packed in a RV get lost on their way to a wedding, so they decide to spend the night at a spooky little Southern bed and breakfast owned by David Carradine. Spooky is as spooky does, little sleep is had by anyone before the owner turns up dead from an apparent heart attack and his cook is found splattered all over the kitchen. The local huckleberry authorities insist that their new visitors stay in town as they're now a part of a murder investigation.

This leaves plenty of time for the nosy city folk to go poking around where they shouldn't, ultimately cracking open a box containing an angry spirit that winds up turning the inhabitants of the town into bloodthirsty ghouls. Cue the carnage. From the hair raising hoe-down forward, Dead and Breakfast is a complete bloodbath as the survivors from our group of friends board themselves up in the bed and breakfast, fending off a growing army of zombies!. Read Goons Review

Hellraiser: Hellworld Movie Photo GalleryHellRaiser: HellWorld, Pinhead returns to terrorize computer hackers that have opened a virtual Lament Configuration on the website

We dont have a review for this movie yet, so feel free to be the first to share a review for this movie, click here to write your own review.





House on Haunted Hill (1959) Movie Photo GalleryThe House on Haunted Hill (1959) : Millionaire playboy Frederick Loren, who invites five guests out to a genuine haunted house, offering them each $10,000 if they spend the night. Elisha Cook Jr. plays one of the guests, a nervous alcoholic who has been in this house before and witnessed some terrible things.

Mr. Loren's beautiful but treacherous wife (Carol Ohmart) is also present--and might be out to kill Frederick during the course of the evening; then again, he might be out to kill her. Read Monkey Rogues Review



The Innocents Movie Photo GalleryThe Innocents (1961) : In one of her finest performances, Deborah Kerr stars as Miss Giddons, a devout and somewhat repressed spinster who happily accepts the position of governess for two orphaned children whose uncle (Michael Redgrave) readily admits to having no interest in being tied down by two "brats."

So Miss Giddons is dispatched to Bly House, the lavish, shadowy estate where young Flora (Pamela Franklin) and her brother Miles (Martin Stephens, so memorable in 1960's Village of the Damned) live with a good-natured housekeeper (Megs Jenkins).

At first, life at Bly House seems splendidly idyllic, but as Miss Giddons learns the horrible truth about the estate's now-deceased groundskeeper and previous governess, she begins to suspect that her young charges are ensnared in a devious plot from beyond the grave. We dont have a review for the movie, feel free to write your own

Omen IV: The Awakening Movie Photo GalleryThe Omen IV: The Awakening : In this made-for-TV apocalyptic horror saga, the deceptively adorable daughter of late devil-boy Damien is adopted by a kindly couple who have no idea who she is.

The husband is a politician and the daughter decides that the best way for her to spread evil around is to boost his career at every opportunity. We dont have a review for this movie, so feel free to write your own

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