Deadman's Toys - Corpse Bride Collector Dolls

deadmanwalkin has learned that Diamond Comic Distributors is all set to begin importing Jun Planning's upcoming Collector Dolls based on the latest Tim Burton animated movie: "The Corpse Bride." Here's what being said about Jun Planning collection:

"So pleased was Burton with Japanese manufacturer Jun Planning, which wowed the world with its amazing dolls based on The Nightmare Before Christmas, he personally requested they produce the collection of dolls for Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.

Imported from Japan, the exquisite Tim Burton's Corpse Bride Collector's Dolls include 17" tall Victor, 14" tall Victoria and the 16" tall Corpse Bride with Bridal Bouquet.

These articulated dolls are nearly 100% accurate re-creations of the original models used in the film, and each feature a wonderfully sculpted head and detailed cloth costume. Each doll comes packaged in a unique window box.

Scheduled to ship in December 2005, these eerily beautiful dolls will woo both Tim Burton fans and collectors of imported dolls with their divine detail."

They do look very impressive.  Please go here to view the rest of the dolls in the collection.

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