Deodato Updates Us On Cannibal Holocaust Sequel


Ruggero Deodato had mentioned earlier last month that he was indeed thinking about doing a sequel to highly controversial "Cannibal Holocaust". At the time we didn't have any information on it except that he wasn't going to include any animal violence this time around.

According to Fangoria, Deodato was speaking at the Festival of Fantastic Films in Manchester, England. They caught up with him and asked him about the sequel.

“It is set in the city and it is about how different everything is now. Once, in Rome, it was only Roman people, but today it is also Chinese, Indian, Bangladeshi, Russian, South American—it is mixed, just like in London. For Roman people, it is very strange, but this change is a good thing, I like it. You see, it is incredible to see one street that is all Chinese. It is just like BLADE RUNNER now—if you remember, in that film there are [parts of the city] that are all Chinese shops. So I wrote one story about this cultural change, and I hope that it is possible to shoot this movie. I call it CANNIBAL METROPOLITANA [possibly translated as CANNIBAL METROPOLIS].”

Be on the lookout for the new 2 Disc Special Edition of "Cannibal Holocaust" which is being released on October 25th. Apparently it will give you the option of watching the film with or without the animal violence.

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