Romero is out, and McNaughton is in for Masters of Horror


Fangoria has confirmed that Romero has indeed bowed out of Masters of Horror due to an “insurmountable scheduling problem.” I first reported about this a couple days back along with what I believe he is working on. Although he will not be directing an episode IDT is trying to get him involoved in some way.

To replace Romero in the line up "Henry: The Portrait of a Serial Killer" director John McNaughton will be on board. McNaughton will direct Haeckel's Tale which was adapted by Mick Garis from an original Clive Barker tale.

The short which was originally slated to be directed by Roger Corman goes something like this: When Ernest Haeckel seeks shelter from the wilderness in a secluded cabin in the New England countryside, he is given one explicit instruction: no matter what he hears, he cannot go outside. As the cries of an unseen baby intermix with horrifying guttural moans, Haeckel disobeys his host and becomes embroiled in an orgy of the undead.


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