Return of the Living Dead Sequels Head to SciFi


Return of the Living Dead 4: Necropolis Movie Photo GalleryThe Return of the Living Dead sequels both 4 and 5 have been scheduled to get a release on October 7th. Well now it appears that won't happen. It looks like the films will be getting the dreaded spot of a SciFi original movie.

If you head over to the SciFi movie schedule they will be playing on October 15th at 7pm and than 9pm est. This leads me to believe that they will no longer be getting a theatrical release. The official website for the films has not been updated but I am assuming they will very soon.

Also on the schedule that day are "All Souls Day", "Day of the Dead", and "Return of the Living Dead 3". In that order. It looks like I will be camped out in front of my television on October 15th. 

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