Your Weekend Horror Movie Guide: September 9, 2005


Great things come in three's.. hmmm, well ok I can't think of any.. BUT the trinity team of Deadmanwalkin, Meh and Solstic do have three very cool picks to help you weekend movie binge go that much smoother. 

So here are our selections for this edition of the "Weekend Horror Movie Guide."  We hope you are enjoying the films that we have been picking - as we enjoy selecting (what we feel) to be the best "horror has to offer."  

So without further intro, here are the staff's picks for this week.. now start a renting!

Deadmanwalkin's Pick - A Tale of Two Sisters

This film is truly a beautiful film to watch.. from the use of colors, to the cinematography - A Tale of Two Sisters is a well directed film with a deep story that will keep you guessing until the movies "final reveal." 

If you're tired of what mainstream horror has to offer or you're just getting into Asian Horror and really don't know what to watch.. then this film is a solid choice for you.

Synopsis: Once upon a time, two little girls were sent to live with their wicked stepmother in the country. Su-Mi and Su-Yeon have had to go away for a little while because they've been sick, but now they're back in the family home, deep in the countryside and at the mercy of their seriously nutty stepmom, Eun-Joo. Director Kim Ji-Won spends the first half of his movie building up the quiet, stately rhythms of family life, but if you listen carefully you can hear something rotten and dead scrabbling away beneath the floorboards.

Lulled into a state of semi-hypnosis, the audience is barely prepared for the series of narrative depth charges director Kim begins to detonate, starting with one of the most surreal and uncomfortable dinner parties ever put onscreen. The screen pulses with radioactive earth tones as floral wallpaper creeps across every available surface and Yeom Jeong-A as Eun-Joo gives the most manic performance by a female lead since Bette Davis in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" or Faye Dunaway in "Mommie Dearest".

As the ghosts begin to crawl out of the closet, and as the house itself seems to shimmer with malevolence we learn that nothing is what it seems, that appearances can be lethally deceiving, and that the ghosts of our past sins will haunt us forever. Based on a famous Korean folktale, this grim fairy tale is one of the most heart-breaking and unexpected movies about loss, guilt and grief ever made.

Meh's Pick - Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop is your typical slasher. I picked this movie up for $5 brand new on DVD and what a great buy.  or $5 brand new on DVD and what a great buy.

Someone is stalking the streets of New York City seeking out innocent victims. What makes this crazed killer different is that he wears a badge. Its really a great film with a great scene where a woman shoots an innocent cop who pulls her over for a traffic ticket. I liked the realism.

If a Maniac Cop was on the loose murdering people, you can bet your bottom dollar if a cop pulled me over and started acting strange or "eeeevil" I would get my Boom-Stick out to! (Review)

Synopsis: Someone is stalking the streets of New York City seeking out innocent victims. What makes this crazed killer different is that he wears a badge.

Solstic's Pick - The Brood

I think this weekend deserves some much needed unwinding.  Check out "The Brood", a film Directed by David Cronenberg.

This film takes a look at peoples anger and psychoplasmics. Kind of a twisted look when you find your anger is manifesting itself. I would tell you more but I then I would have to deal with my own anger.

Synopsis:  After the painful breakup of her marriage, Nola Carveth seeks treatment at an experimental psychiatric clinic known as the Somafree Institute of Psychoplasmatics. While there, under the care of Dr. Raglan, the institute's founder, she is encouraged to work through her subconscious feelings of hurt and rage in a rather novel way: through bodily manifestation.

Some of the clinic's patients develop grotesque sores, others cancerous growths or tumors. But Nola goes a step further. She gives "birth" to living incarnations of her darkest inner impulses. Once released, these walking ids exact gruesome revenge against Nola's family, especially her ex-husband, for every real and imagined slight that she has suffered at their hands over the course of her troubled life.

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