I'll Always Know.. digs up some Cast Members


Dark Horizons is reporting that Brooke Nevin (TV's The 4400), Alessandra Toreson (Disney's TV movie Going to the Mat) and newcomer Star LaPoint, are all attached to play the main roles in "I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer". They don't mention a source but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt right now. As we reported earlier Don Shanks, who previously played Michael Myers in Halloween 5, will play the fisherman.

In "I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer" four teens from a small Colorado town will be victimized by a phantom menace one year after a July Fourth prank gone awry kills one of their buddies. Against the protestation of one of them, the group agree to keep this secret, only to find their friendships torn apart from the strain. The next Independence Day, just before the town's annual carnival, the four receive intimidating communiqués indicating someone is aware of what happened before. The group suspect the cousin of the dead friend, only to discover they are very much on the wrong track. Can the friends survive and figure out the identity of their tormentor before they end up dead themselves?

Damon Santostefano will direct a script written by Michael Weiss. Filming will begin in August in Utah. There was also talks of it getting a theatrical release in the fall of 2006 but now it appears it will be straight to DVD material.

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