Trailer for Kurosawa's LOFT is now Online!


The trailer for Kiyoshi Kurosawa's upcoming horror film "Loft" is now online and can be viewed here.

After watching the trailer, I have to say that I'm not overly impressed with what I'm seeing, but hopefully, once I see the film, my first impression will change.

Loft is scheduled to screen at the Pusan International Film Festival in October 2005.  After that, there is no information on if or when a full theatrical or DVD release will be made.

A prize-winning writer, Leiko, moves to a quiet sub-urban house to finish up her new novel with a help from the editor. That night while sleeping, she sees a man in a storage room transporting an object wrapped in cloth.

She soon finds out that he is a renowned archaeologist, Professor Yoshioka, researching ancient mummies, and that object was a recently discovered mummy. Working late on her book, Leiko witneses a ghost and finds out that her room once belonged to a woman who had been misssing for a while.

This brings unexplainable fear to Leiko as she starts to uncover more stories from the past.

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