Bloom & Depp Still not Signed up for Pirates Sequel

It would seem that the stars of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 have yet to sign on the dotted line. Although two sequels are planned neither have signed on the dotted line. Negotiations over pay continue, which is holding things up.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer told MRIB:

"We're currently negotiating with the actors to all come back. They all want to come back - it just all comes down to making deals with their agents. They all want raises, which they deserve, it's just how much of a raise."

"We've got the same writers that wrote 'Pirates' and they're going to come back and write two and three. They've outlined two and three, they're writing two and we have a deal with Gore Verbinski, who directed the first one, to do two and three."

Myself I really enjoyed the first one, but I am never one for sequels that are just made to do a sequel. And this to me is still up in the air as to whether it will be an good. Returning cast and director helps this film.

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