Diamond Dead Play?

Andrew Gaty from George Romeros Diamond Dead & Land of the Dead project has released the latest dirt on upcoming plans and events for these two films. Among the many things he discusses one is a musical. Interesting. Read on to learn more.

The past few weeks were hectic and confusing. For the moment it appears that George will be shooting “Dead Reckoning” in October and Diamond Dead right after. There are all sorts of complications on our financing as to get the UK funding, we would have to have an answer print by April 5. We are looking into trying to get into the next tax year, but this will take a bit of time.

In the meantime, Zach at Scott Free has really cranked up the casting process. The current plan is to cast it in a way to be able to set it up at a studio, which would solve all the problems. The script has gone out to a number of people and we are anxiously waiting for the responses. William Morris is also helping.

We have been approached by the Landless Theater Company in Washington, who wants to stage Diamond Dead as a live play starting in October. Richard, Brian, Scott Free and I think that this is a cool idea, and have agreed. More on this as it unfolds.

I am still not to sure about Diamond Dead but I have been waiting for Land of the Dead aka Dead Reckoning for a long time and will be first in line to see that one. Likely I will see Diamond Dead just based on the fact that it is a Romero flick.

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