Henry Sequel In The Works?

Dave Dreher

If we are to believe the fine folks over at Bloody Disgusting then it appears that a sequel to what is arguably the best serial killer movie ever made, Henry:  Portrait of a Serial Killer may be in the works.  And there is no reason not to believe BD, first off they are stand up folks, second, they got the tip from the director of the first film John McNaughton.

In an interview McNuaghton lets loose this little nugget:

"I'm also talking to MPI about a sequel to "Henry" which picks up after Henry is captured. It was an idea that we had after the first "Henry" took off. The idea of the serial killer as media celebrity, which is what happened to the real Henry after he was caught. The idea of just picking Henry up 6 mos. later killing more people was not really interesting to those of who made the first one, but what happened to Henry after he was captured was very interesting indeed."

For the complete story, head on over and visit Brad at Bloody Disgusting. And be sure to read our very own Dude's review of the film right here

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