Evil Dead Remake a Hoax?


As most Evil Dead fans know, Evil Dead has been rumored to be in the process of being remade. We even heard rumors that Ashton Kutcher was going to fill the shoes of Bruce Campbell as Ash.

Well recently MarsDust sat down with Sam Raimis brother Ted for an interview. He talked about alot of things and when he was asked about the remake this is what he had to say:

"Yes, I have this to say about it: there won’t be one as far as I know. That’s all I know. I mean there might be, there might be one but as far as I can tell there isn’t. Nothing’s going on with it at the moment."

So does this mean that the imdb is pulling another fast one on us? I don't know. But you can bet we are going to be hearing alot more about this project. If you want to read more of the interview you can check it out here.

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