More On Catacombs and Silence


Arrow in the Head recieved a nice update from Gregg Hoffman, the producer for Saw 2, about Catacombs and Silence. Catacombs stars none other than Alecia "Pink" Moore. Now how that will work I have no idea but from what Hoffman has said about the movie I don't know if that will matter.

"It's about a woman who is taken to an illegal dance party in the Catacombs under Paris - a labyrinth of tunnels 200 miles long under Paris that houses the remains of 7 million dead Parisians - and proceeds to get lost with tragic consequences."

Next he mentioned Silence which is the next film up for James Wan, who apparently has been living out of a suitcase since Saw. According to Hoffman Silence is going to be alot different than SAW.

"SILENCE is much more elegant, subtle and atmospheric.  There’s still plenty of macabre shocks and moments where James creates some incredibly cool shots, but where SAW was considered by some to be an update of an Italian “Giallo,” this one could best be described as an updated Hammer film, with a little David Lynch circa Twin Peaks thrown in for good measure."

There is also some more nice little tidbits from the two films over at Arrow in the Head. So I suggest checking that out. Plus if you live in California theres even a little contest where you can have James Wan live with you! Can't beat that.

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