Miike's Masters of Horror Episode Details


If there is one episode of Masters of Horror that I am very eager to see, it is Takashi Miikes. He always as some kind of weird tinge to his films not to mention his love for gore and he always adds a weird vibe to them as well.

Lucky for us, Mick Garris got in touch with Fangoria and gave them the low down on Miike's episode:

“Miike’s story is based on the Japanese novel BOKKEE KYOTEE. It is set some 150 years ago in Japan, as an American journalist tracks down the Japanese courtesan he left some years before. It is a twisted ghost story."

I guess we can all assume that Rutger Hauer, who was announced to be in Miikes episode, will play the American journalist. Also make sure you tune in October 28th and catch the season premiere of Masters of Horror on Showtime. 

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