Creepshow 3: Teasing us with ALICE


The "Creepshow 3" website has been updated again with a new teaser.. this time for the story titled "Alice."  

"Alice is just plain rude.. to her neighbors, friends and family.  Watch her change her tune.. when she sees her true anatomy."  

You can check out the teaser for "Alice" and the official site for Creepshow 3.  The next teaser will be on-line in about two weeks and a preview of the film will be screened next month at the American Film Market in Santa Monica, Ca.  So if any of our readers is able to check it out.. drop us a review!  

On a side note, Jim Dudelson and Ana Clavell (co-directors/producers) of Creepshow 3, along with several cast members, including Eileen Dietz will be speaking on a panel at NECROCOMICON this coming Sunday in Los Angeles.  They will be discussing Creepshow 3...more info on this event can be found at here.  

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