Mavens 31 Days of Halloween


Welcome to Maven's 31 Days of Halloween.  I have long had the tradition of watching nothing but horror films during the month of October. And now it is upon us.  There is a brisk chill in the air (yes, even here in the Deep South) and the sky has turned that lovely shade of Autumn blue.  The only thing missing is what to watch. 

Normally, I make random choices each evening.  But this year, I am doing it a little differently.  What I have prepared for you is a list of my favorite thirty-one films in the order that I will be watching them this year.  There are a few things I must clarify.  First of all, these are not my favorite films based on technical greatness.  There are many factors that contribute to a film making my list of favorites.  They may not all be considered the best horror films of all time.  That is not my intent.  This is meant to give you a glimpse into the mind of Maven.  Many of the included films are there for sentimental purposes.  For many reasons, they have had a profound effect on my becoming the horror fan that I am today. 

This list is meant to inspire you to break out of the norm and watch some films that you may have passed over before.  Also, they are not necessarily in order.  I was going to create this list in order of my favorites from 31-1 in countdown fashion, but I found that ordering them in such a way does not make it a streamlined viewing list.  For instance, Jaws in my number one film of all time and I prefer Dawn of the Dead over the other dead films.  However, I feel that in order to truly enjoy your viewing (if you decide to watch these along with me) they really should be in a more sensible order. That is where this list came from.  This is the order that I feel will allow you to get the most out of the month of October. I am ending the list with The Exorcist because I feel it is one of the greatest films ever and also scary enough to earn its position at the top of the list for Halloween night.

Now I will explain how this will work.  Today I am supplying you with the list for the month.  Next week I will be back to explain why I chose each of these films and chat a little about what they mean to me as well as supply you with reviews for each in turn.  Until then, I hope you will watch and enjoy my favorite films along with me.  I have had a great time compiling these films and I have high hopes that you will have a great time watching them.  Until next time, stay scared.

1. Halloween
2. Friday the 13th
3. An American Werewolf in London
4. Night of the Living Dead (1968)
5. Evil Dead
6. Army of Darkness
7. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
8. Sleepaway Camp
9. Psycho (1960)
10. Carrie
11. The Thing (1982)
12. Poltergeist
13. The Silence of the Lambs
14. Dog Soldiers
15. Rosemary's Baby
16. The Sixth Sense
17. Candyman
18. Sleepy Hollow
19. The Howling
20. Alien
21. A Nightmare on Elm Street
22. Re-Animator
23. Return of the living Dead
24. Hellraiser
25. Jaws
26. Shaun of the Dead
27. Night of the Living Dead (1990)
28. Dawn of the Dead
29. Day of the Dead
30. Phantasm
31. The Exorcist

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